7 Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Casual Street Style for Nighttime

No time to change between day and night? No problem! Check out these great tips to easily enhance your casual street style into a chic nighttime look.

Socializing may not be a top priority at the moment, but now’s the time to go through your closet and improve your fashion game.

A recent study revealed that worldwide, people don’t wear around 50% of the clothing they own. Are you guilty of this fashion faux pas?

Chances are you already have the basics in hand for an effortless casual street style that easily converts to night-time glamor. Let’s get back to basics.

  1. Cover Up Your Casual Street Style

A statement jacket is a quick and easy way to jazz up your demure daytime style.

You can hang it over your office chair during the day, so it’s close at hand for an instant transformation from office elegance to cocktail-hour chic.

A fitted blazer is perfect over a dress or pants for smarter venues or a dinner date. Bomber styles with jeans suit casual drinks with friends or a night at the movies.

A brightly colored or glitzy jacket can lift a demure daytime look in no time at all.

Jackets work both ways. Removing your smart business jacket to reveal a pretty flirty top is another easy way to transition from professional to playful in a blink.

  1. Switch Out Your Handbag

Switching handbags is another simple and quick change that’s easy to pull off at the office. Lock your bulky tote bag in your desk drawer head out with a sophisticated clutch instead.

To make the transition easy and convenient, pop all your evening essentials into a small pouch beforehand so you don’t leave anything behind.

It’s easy to slip a pretty clutch bag into your daytime bag with your other nighttime necessities.

You can also opt for a statement handbag with an eye-catching design, unusual fabric, or intricate pattern.

  1. Sensible Shoes

Slipping on a pair of glitzy heels gives an instant lift to office wear but some types of shoes can do double duty for both.

If you don’t have somewhere to store an extra pair of shoes, there are other options.

High-heeled mules are a great option for daytime comfort or dancing the night away. They pair well with a maxi dress or jeans for casual after-work drinks and also suit a sexy slimline dress for more special occasions.

Strappy sandals are always a good standby in the summertime.

Classy loafers will take you from day to night without missing a beat and you can wear short boots with just about anything nowadays.

  1. Prioritize Versatile Outfits

A good starting point makes all the difference in day to night styling. Simple, classic items like shift dresses and smart-casual trousers flow easily from day into night.

Never underestimate the power of the little black dress for work and play.

A couple of swish boutique dresses for women go a long way towards upping your fashion game when you’re planning day to night outfits. Some of the most versatile dress styles include wrap skirts, midi dresses, and shirt dresses.

A jumpsuit is another good standby if you work in a more casual office setting, while a silk blouse goes with both day and night time pursuits.

Go through your wardrobe and take some time to create some mix and match options that could work both ways.

  1. Reveal Some Skin

Layering your clothing works wonders when you’re planning a night on the town after work.

Head for the ladies’ room at home time and whip off your sensible work blouse to reveal a sexy camisole or skimpy top that suits your carefree evening style.

Nobody at work needs to know there’s a siren beneath that sensible suit.

  1. Put on a Happy Face

Take a bathroom break before you head out for the night and refresh your makeup. Day time makeup looks washed out in the city lights.

Get your game-face on with a little glitter dust, some bright eyeshadow, and seductive shade of lipstick and gloss.

Don’t neglect to refresh your foundation. To avoid a caked layered look, use concealer to brighten your under-eye area and brush on some anti-shine powder for a dewy, fresh look.

Brush up on your blush and give your eyebrows a once-over with a clean mascara brush. Working a few drops of oil or serum through your hair will eliminate any daytime frizz.

  1. Jewelry Makes the Difference

Understated elegance is the way to go when you’re aiming for office chic or casual style during the daytime, but adding sparkle is the way to go when the sun goes down.

Slipping on a pair of dangly earrings and an eye-catching necklace adds instant bling to any outfit. You can also keep it simple by adding a glitzy pendant to your dainty daytime choker.

More is best for nighttime glam. Layering on a few extra bangles is a quick fix for any outfit.

Going from delicate gold pieces to chunky costume jewelry also works a treat.

It’s easy to keep these small items in your handbag during the day and slip them on before heading out.

Find Your Own Way in the World of Fashion 

While we all need a few stunning outfits for those rare formal occasions, it will amaze you what you can do with what you already have. If you do decide on a shopping spree, you’ll also have a better idea of what you really need.

Keep it simple when it comes to day to night styling and you’ll save yourself both dollars and stress.

For more fashion advice, browse some more of our articles that take you beyond beauty basics to discover your unique style.

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