10 Tips For Choosing Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

Before you decide to get your hair dyed, be sure to check out our tops for choosing hair colors that match your skin tone perfectly.

Tired of your look? Not sure which new approach to roll with?

If you want a fresher look, one method is to change your hair color. But with so many available hues, choosing hair colors can become an ordeal. It’s especially when you have no experience doing this process before.

Don’t fret. We’re here to help you out.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to pick the right hair color for your skin tone. Read on and find out valuable tips and tricks:

  1. Determine Your Skin Tone

Hair colors can either be warm or cool, like skin complexions. Most hair coloring processes stumble on understanding whether the hair color matches the skin tone. The good news is that determining your skin tone is as easy as doing the “wrist test”.

Here, flip your wrist over and look at your vein color. If they’re either purple or blue, your skin tone is cool. Otherwise, having green or yellow veins means you have warm-toned skin. The general rule is to use color shades opposite your skin complexion, but it isn’t always the case.

A good guideline to follow is to pick a hair color that both makes you confident and respects your skin complexion. A lot of women prefer blonde, but the reality is that it isn’t suitable for every complexion.

  1. Best Hair Color for Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

If your complexion is pale, your hair color choices can get lighter. For example, cool blonde colors are a great fit if your skin is porcelain. But that means you must avoid really warm tones, like caramel, copper, and gold since it looks dismayingly unnatural.

Are you looking for deeper hair colors? If so, red violets and jewel-based colors are great choices. Examples of the latter include solid jet black and blue, rich true red, and dark deep brown.

  1. Best Hair Color for Fair Skin with Warm Undertones

Fair skin with warm undertones needs hair colors that best bring out their skin’s warmth. It means looking for hair colors like rust, golden blonde, strawberry, caramel, copper red, and butterscotch. This also means you must avoid cold hair colors, most notably ones close to blue and violet.

The worst part is that this skin complexion isn’t suitable for any shade of black. The primary reason is the harshness of the color against your skin. So, if your skin tone belongs to this category, steer clear from the black family color at all costs.

  1. Best Hair Color for Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

A medium skin complexion means you can aim for almost any hair color. The caveat is to stay away from extreme hues. For brunettes, medium to light brown is the best, especially if it’s similar to a walnut.

For blonde hair color, beige, sand, and wheat do well in complementing your skin tone. Medium auburn hues are best if you aim for red hair. That way, it will bring out the best from your complexion while remaining natural.

  1. Best Hair Color for Medium Skin with Warm Undertones

For this skin color, ensure that your hair color stays within a golden tone, regardless of how light or dark it is. Choosing pale or cool makes your skin look washed out, adding years to your appearance because it looks unnatural. But another great choice for this skin complexion is bronde, along with copper and golden reds since they still look natural.

  1. Best Hair Color for Olive Skin with Cool Undertones

Olive skin means using colors within the brunette family as their best choice. If you’re looking to add more dimension for a certain look, use subtle highlights. Blonde isn’t as preferable for this complexion, but using a darker base while adding in some honey blonde or caramel helps with the texture.

For darker hair, choose hair colors like mocha since it’s warm. This will nullify your underlying pinkish tones while smoothing out your skin’s appearance. Also, click here if you want more tips on how to pick a hair color.

  1. Best Hair Color for Olive Skin with Warm Undertones

Golden and caramel hues work best if your skin is like Jennifer Lopez. If you’re not fond of these colors, ebony and mocha tones can be a nice alternative. For deep and rich colors, pick violet reds.

Blonde is only great if you want to exude warmth with honey-based hues. If you want to have a more striking appearance, use violet-black if you’re looking for fun. For a more natural, exotic appearance, use warm black hues.

  1. Best Hair Color for Deep Skin with Cool Undertones

Deep, cool skin makes inky black colors shine best. This color’s light-catching feature helps this skin complexion get more depth and texture. If you want other colors, try out deep violet, blue-black, and espresso hues.

Do your best to pick cool hues for highlights. It matters not whether they’re blue-red, brown, or platinum blonde.

  1. Best Hair Color for Deep Skin with Warm Undertones

Your deep, warm skin tone is like Halle Berry’s, rich and manageable with simpler color tricks. If you want blonde hair, pick toffee or caramel hues. Maple and mahogany tones fit brunettes more, helping your skin sparkle more.

For darker hair color, use warm black hues. Redheads should go for blue-red tones since it works best with this complexion. It balances underlying hues while exuding warmth.

  1. Choosing Hair Colors Should Consider Style

Your final choice for hair color depends on whether you want full-head color or simple streaks. Whether you’ll get highlights or lowlights, the final decision gets affected. If you aren’t sure what hairstyle suits you best, ask a professional hairstylist to pick one in your stead.

Choosing Hair Colors is Easy!

These are tips you should follow when choosing hair colors. These will help determine the right hues for your hair, so use them and feel more confident with yourself.

Enjoyed our guide and found it informative? If you want more tips like these, feel free to go over more of our content right here, today!

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