To Spa or Not to Spa

Spas are havens for the weary, for bodies that are sore and aching due to work, too much physical exertion in doing house chores, or for those who just really need a break from the responsibilities and demands of life. Who ever thought about making spas are genius, it has given us that much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of life. The downside though is that it is expensive and although most have very satisfactory services, there are also unsatisfactory ones. Moreover, the supplies used in the spa may also influence its prices, the higher the quality of the supplies, the more expensive it is. Although, most spas offer the same services, people usually go back to spas that they feel have given them excellent treatments. But many people still cannot afford to go to a spa on a regular basis, people usually go to the spa as a present or reward for themselves to carve out that special “me” time. Without a doubt many people would want to go to a spa, to be pampered and massaged, to have that body scrub or to just soak in a Jacuzzi or a steam bath, all of which facilitates relaxation and physical well-being. To go to a spa is like going on a holiday, where you would want to enjoy every minute of it and often feel that it is done or over so soon. Some people even plan as early as six months before to go to the spa of their dreams. Spas can also be a group activity, where you could go with a number of friends and have the similar treatments and be able to bond and talk and relax at the same time. Spas are really one of the favorite places that most women visit in their adult lives.

If one cannot afford to go to a spa, there is still an alternative and that is to recreate the spa experience in your home. It is quite a feat to make a spa in your home but it is doable. You only have to invest in all those products and supplies that spas use. For example, you can invest on bath oils, body scrubs, perfumed oils, spa salts, hot oils, body wax and all those things that you like to experience. And since you have your own supplies, you need not worry about using as much as you want, and you could use it for any other time you want to have that spa experience. Then you need to set-up you bath or room to mimic that of the ambience of a spa, you can put humidifiers and your favorite relaxing oil in it. Have instrumental music, or put a water installation in the room, and of course invest on those white fluffy women’s spa robes to complete the experience.

You can have the white fluffy women’s spa robes embossed with your initials to enhance that spa feeling. Spa robes are certainly not a requirement for making your own spa but it will enhance the ambience of your very own spa. You can find spa robes in any specialty store that caters to the women’s interests and needs. Whatever treatment you may want to enjoy in your home spa, that comforting and warm feeling you feel wearing your women’s spa robes is very unique in itself. That comfortable embrace is pampering and will do wonders for your mind. We all need to rest and to have a good time while doing it so we can recharge and take our minds off anxieties, stress, worries and problems.

Investing in a high quality women’s spa robe is rewarding in the long run, if handled and washed correctly, it can last for a long time and you will probably buy it once. The important thing is to be able to keep it fluffy and soft, hence it may need a little more tender care when it is washed and dried. Firstly, it should be washed right after it is used, to maintain its pristine whiteness and softness, you can put it in a quick spin with the delicate spin without using a fabric conditioner since it will affect its ability to absorb moisture. Secondly, it should be air dried rather than being dried in the washer to maintain its fluffiness, if it is always dried in the washer the fabric will shrink and will lose its softness too. After drying, it should be folded and put away in a drawer to protect it from dusts and possible discoloration. If for some event the spa robe is stained, having a white one is always easier since it can be bleached to take away the stains, however, this is not advisable to do often.

Women’s spa robes can be that one thing that you can say is your very own and one that you can enjoy for years to come. Even if you don’t feel like having a spa treatment, you can just wear the spa robe and be transported to that relaxing feeling. You can wear it after a shower and then just lounge on your favorite couch and watch your favorite Netflix show or that old movie you have been dying to watch. Whatever that makes you feel relaxed and happy, you are free to do even in your own home. You can even be in your spa robe while drinking wine, listening to music or just brooding and letting your thoughts wander and relax. Some people even have their most creative outputs while they are wearing their spa robes.

We all need to take the time to care for our soul and body, there is no point in working ourselves to the point of exhaustion and not be able to take the time to smell the flowers along the way. Most people have this notion that it is only when all your tasks are done that you are allowed to rest and relax, but in this fast paced world, one has to take little breaks along the way.

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