The Style Evolution of Brooches

Brooches have changed from strictly utilitarian to ornamental and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

While brooches are now thought of as a gorgeous piece of jewellery that is a great way to make a statement on an outfit, they didn’t start out that way. Originally, brooches were worn as a piece of utilitarian adornment that were used to secure clothing so that it did not fall off the body, making them a far cry from the jewels that we know and love today.

From Utilitarian to Stylish

When they were used to secure a piece of clothing, brooches were typically very utilitarian and unadorned. That changed when the Byzantines updated their brooches with bright colours and even patterns. It was through the travel of nomadic tribes that these adorned brooches finally were carried through the area and found their way to Britain. While still valued for their function, brooches were finally starting to transition to an adornment.

A Change in Status

This jewellery finally became popular as more than a simple fastener as they became less necessary to hold clothing together. Jewellery was a great way to show your status, and brooches began being crafted out of fine metals and adorned with incredible jewels, turning them into accessory pieces that only certain people could afford. Throughout the 20th century, brooches were generally worn below the neckline and were often quite ornate, but they suddenly fell in favour near the end of the century.

A Comeback

Brooches are beginning to make a comeback after falling out of favour. While newer trends are more costumey and less high quality than the original pieces of antique jewellery, they are still as ornate and opulent as brooches from the past, and antique pieces are incredibly popular and sought after. Wearing an opulent brooch is a wonderful way to express your fashion sense and show off your collection, which is why they are becoming popular on the catwalk and office.

No matter if you are interested in an oversized and opulent brooch or want something a little more modern and understated, this piece of jewellery has gone through many changes to become what we know and love today. Antique and traditional pieces have their place in today’s fashion, as do updated brooches, both of which are a wonderful way to express your style and improve the beauty of your outfit. Wearing a brooch is a great way to add interest to an otherwise dull outfit and to enjoy a little piece of history.

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