The right way to woo the right one

It is all about 3 Ls- live, laugh, and love when it comes to life. When you have a life, you can live. When you are born, you know how to laugh. But the third L, love, is still what we ponder about. One big question which always pops up in our minds when we fantasize about love is how to express your love. Love is a feeling when you know that she is the one/ he is the one who would be your companion in the journey ahead. So, got your love already, and are ready like a gentleman, wearing a tuxedo or a suit, with a beautiful bouquet and a ring to win over the heart of your lady love or maybe ready like a sweet lady, with a gown or a saree, to win over your man?

How to express?

But even then, you are highly strung because one thing that leads the moment is how you convey. The way you express defines the way you impress. How one communicates his feelings and emotions creates an impression about his personality and the weightage of the occasion in the mind of the other. So, the most significant part of how to propose is getting done with the most realistic yet fantasized proposal speech

  • A1 since day 1:- On the spot confessions and proposals sounds very thoughtful, romantic, and honest. But some things are better left for the actors of the romantic comedy series to perform. Spontaneous confessions in real life can partially spoil the well-brewed plan because one might tend to forget the most important and heart-melting line, which was a must-to be shared. So, remember the pain of leaving out the most important point of an answer in a school exam, and then you definitely won’t be willing to fail in life’s exam. Writing it down makes it easier to be confessed.
  • Something short is sweet:- When you are doing something out of the box, for the first time, like proposing, you want it to be perfect. But being a maximalist and delivering a lengthy speech would do nothing but make you seem over-enthusiastic and may lead you to trouble as making your partner feel bored is not the wise choice. One doesn’t need to know, what they already know, so keep your confession as short and simple as possible rather than being over-explanatory.
  • Practice teaches you the right tactics:- Maybe you are one of those introvert types who like to keep things to yourself, but this does not work here. If you have made the mind, kick start your preparation just by being the person you are, not being afraid to express your emotions, and being confident enough. Practicing in front of a mirror makes your words worth listening not because you are flawless but because you are confidently flawed to make it seem straight from the heart.

What is to be done next?

Being done with the perfect proposal speech, the next step is how to propose. What you need to do is keep it personalized and customized, but at the same time, following the advice of the experts. The proposal tips from are a must-read. Being long done with the male proposal era, this can be followed by either of them.

  • Ensure what they feel:- before proposing or confessing your heart out, one needs to ensure what the other feels. Being on the same page makes the communication process easier to be grasped. By knowing what feelings the other one has, one can prevent making a fool of self. But being frank and clarifying your feelings enhances the relationship.
  • Tell what they like:- Repeating the romantic quotes and filmy dialogues seems very thoughtful, but one should be aware of what they like. Knowing exactly what your partner likes, and personalizing the proposal accordingly by adding your sentimental memories, would make your partner ten times more awe-struck.


Love happens but proposing is the part where everyone struggles. But as we know, struggle and efforts brewed with emotions and nervousness make the proposal more intimidating. But to guide the newcomers and make the first proposal the best proposal, various proposal tips from are available at your fingertips tip.


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