The Right Shoes for Kurta Pajama? Check These Options Now!

For a country like India, the year end brings with it the festive season and more importantly, the wedding season. Needless to say, being fully stocked up on fashion essentials from head to toe is an absolute must. If your planned outfits for the season include classic kurta pajama combinations, considering to shop for kurta pajama shoes is unavoidable. Listed below are some classic kurta pajama shoes that you can never go wrong with:

  • Jutis: These are a traditional type of Punjabi footwear that are designed to be worn with ethnic kurta pajamas. Jutis are typically made of leather and are largely popular due to the fact that their left and right foot holds no distinction. Jutis are about as classic as it gets with kurta pajama shoes and you can shop for these in neutral shades that will go with everything. You can go for the typical ethnic juti look with embroideries or opt for the sleek look with a leather pair.
  • Sandals: You can find a large variety of sandals available as kurta pajama shoes. These include open toe as well as closed toe options featuring a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort. These sandals go perfectly with a kurta pajama combination and are also designed with multiple straps running across the foot to hold it to the sole in a secure way. Sandals usually have a flat heel to ensure comfort even after long periods of use.
  • Slippers: While slippers are popular for being an extremely casual lounge footwear, you can also use them as kurta pajama shoes. They typically have an open design with a single strip of material running across the foot. You can, however, also find these in more of a closed pattern as per your preferences. Slippers are extremely convenient as they can be easily slipped on and off without requiring any additional fastenings.
  • Kolhapuris: Kolhapuris are a type of ethnic footwear you absolutely cannot go without. These initially became popular due to the amount of handicraft involved in its subtle yet prominent art. These kurta pajama shoes are an incredible ethnic addition to your range of shoes. They have a unique style with a ring that goes around the toe and runs toward the bottom of the foot to flare out into a comfortable strap.
  • Pathanis: Lastly, these kurta pajama shoes are just about one of the most unique designs you will ever come across. These are designed with two wide straps crossed in an overlapping way and joined to the sole. These are closed toed and have an open back to give you an elegant balance. You can find these in glossy, matte or textured finishes according to your outfit for the day.

With shopping stores like Metro Shoes, you can now easily shop for kurta pajama shoes at extremely affordable prices. Available in large, trendy varieties, these kurta pajama shoes are of top notch quality so you can rest assured you will have nothing to complain about. Take a look at the latest range and start shopping!

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