The Bath Soap & Bomb Packaging Riddle – Packaging Options for Handmade Soaps

Bath soaps and bombs are in great demand and with growing e-commerce, handmade products are very popular on every popular e-commerce portal. However, selling products is not easy in this competitive marketing. Your product should be appealing to the consumer and should reach the customer in great shape as well. To address both these needs you need two different packaging materials.

Product Packaging

You need an impressive inner packing to make sure your product appears good in appearance as well as in pictures which will be used for e-commerce listings. The better your product looks, the great are the chances of getting response from the customers.

Ornate Handmade Packaging

Handmade Ornate Packaging is the best choice when it comes to exclusive handmade products which are targeted at an exclusive market. For such markets, ornate handmade packaging is your only choice. You can do it yourself as well if you have liberty of time and skills to make designer packaging.

Tote Box

If you either don’t have budget or liberty of time, Tote boxes come in for rescue. They come in a wide variety of options and budget. These boxes come with windows, different sizes and designs to please to your target market. If you are looking for cheaper boxes, plain tote boxes will suit you as well. Refine Packaging supports mass orders of Tote boxes.

Gusset Bags

Gusset bags are very popular choice for cheap but classy packaging choice. They are often used with ribbons etc. to make the packaging leave a great impression on customers while keeping the cost in check.


Bath salts, bombs are best packed in pouches, specially the airtight ones. These pouches protect the inner content from a wide variety of weather conditions and keep the products in their original shape.

Wraps & Glassine

If you are working on a product that does not need marketing or you are selling or distributing it at an affordable price, wraps and glassines come in handy. They protect the products without increasing the price of the product. These are the cheapest packaging options in the market.

Shipping Packaging

With e-commerce, shipping packaging planning has also become essential for the success of any business. More and more goods are sold online these days and they are all shipped via mail services worldwide. Here are a few reliable shipping options for shipping soaps and bath bombs.

Cardboard with bubble wrap

The classic packaging for all e-commerce needs is bubble wrap. It protects well and keeps the package safe without any issues. It is the cheapest of all options available for packaging materials like soaps. The protection will ensure that your inner packaging is not damaged during the bumpy ride to the doorstep of your customer.

Cardboard with Packing Peanuts

The other option is with packing peanut fills, the package is very secure as there is no space for movement for the item inside. However, this is a really messy option and should only be used if there are many individual small loose packs inside the box which cannot be taped together.

Cardboard with Foam

The costliest but the classiest of them all is foam pack, where there is a well cut foam placed inside the box which has cuts in the shape of the product ensuring zero movement and complete protection of the product. This is the costliest option as well.

These are your choices, now hold your product in hand and start planning. Work on the options you have that will please your customers the most while keeping in mind the pricing as well.

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