Style Tips to elevate your platinum hair game to the next level

Platinum blonde hair has been trendy in the last few years. This is because having ash blonde hair has created a sense of intrigue in the fashion and beauty industry. The beauty industry desires this trend for its elegance and unique factor.

For more detailed platinum blonde looks you can check out 50 Beautiful Styles to Elevate Your Platinum Blonde Hair.

This hairstyle will garner the best results if you get it done by a professional at a hair salon. You can try it for yourself as well, but it won’t give you the desired professional look that you want. Platinum blonde hair is not a natural hair color and has to be done on chemically treated hair. The color is achieved by bleaching your hair and applying different tones of blond hues until you get the desired effect. The trick to getting healthy platinum blond tresses is that you need to wait for enough time till you move onto the next step. This should be done so that your hair does not get extensively damaged.

So, let’s move on to the various hairstyles you can pull off to showcase those gorgeous platinum tresses.

Loose Waves, Elegant Braids:

This bohemian-inspired hairstyle uses double braids and is a simple method of taking light blonde hair and making it beautiful. The reason this hairstyle is popular is that it is simple yet elegant. It can be paired with a casual and dressy outfit.

Straight, Silky, Shiny:

Channel your inner Elsa, with this Frozen-inspired hairdo. This Icy blonde look is highly requested because of its sleek and shiny appearance. You can style your hair by parting it to the side and by doing so the bright hue will catch the light in just the right way while keeping it casual at the same time.

A splash of color and fun:

Adding a touch of the right color will take your platinum game to the next level. Add blue tones along with beach waves, the resulting combination of style and color will blow you away. This style is excellent for people who love to experiment and be bold with their hair.

White Blond and Unique Braids:

If this hairstyle does not scream Daenerys Targaryen, then I don’t know what will! This fierce style is eye-catching and high for the quintessential Game of Thrones Fan.  The combination of braids and sleek, shiny, hair make for a great hairdo.

Bold Roots, Platinum ends:

This ombre-like hairdo looks great on short hair. It’s also an exciting way to show off your dark roots along with your existing platinum shade tips. Dark roots with platinum ends create a very punk look and look cool because of the contrast between the icy platinum and the warmth of the dark roots.


Hopefully, you were happy with the suggestions that were listed above. If you want more options with detailed descriptions, you can visit 50 Beautiful Styles to Elevate Your Platinum Blonde Hair.

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