Style Guides of Costume Jewellery

Who says women have to wear fine genuine jewellery all the time? Well, didn’t you know that there’s another popular trend today that even famous celebrities are seen flaunting them on different events and occasions? As it is, you need not dress up like a movie star but some chic fancy pieces on any part of your body can be enough to make peoples’ heads turn on you.

Needless to say, fine jewellery made of pearls, diamond or gold is the perfect way to create a statement. But then, if you want to experience and follow the new trend, you can never go wrong with costume jewellery Australia based trendsetters love.

Before going any further, let us differentiate costume jewellery from fine jewellery as there are those who don’t have a hunch that these two mean different things.

What is Costume Jewellery?

Also known as fashion jewellery, costume jewellery is any piece that is not made from precious metals but instead, from base metals that are often coated with precious metals, so they seem to look like the real thing. Usually, the pieces are made of copper, aluminium or brass but there are also those that are made with leather or textiles. Now, if you see a gemstone within a piece of costume jewellery, chances are, that ‘gemstone’ could be made from glass, crystal or plastic. This type is called imitated jewellery.

Fine jewellery on the other hand are those pieces that are typically made from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum or from authentic gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. That said, wearing costume jewellery can be easy and impeccable if you know the proper style. Here below are some guides to be in style with these fancy elegant pieces.

How To Wear Costume Jewellery and Look Gorgeous

  • Go For The Luxury Version

There are luxury versions of fancy bracelets that go with just about everything, no matter whether it’s a bikini or an expensive cocktail dress you’re wearing. What’s more, to create an effect, you can wear as many or as few on your wrist.

  • Choose Different Colours

The quickest way to put some sparkle to your getup is a statement necklace with various colours. You’ll see that this also goes with anything, be it a simple white t-shirt or a classic little black dress. For more effect, just team it up with a neutral tone or wear your necklace against your bare skin. Those with tanned skin will surely rise above the rest with such a piece. Just remember to use less of other accessories if your piece is multi-coloured. Other items which can be played with colours are beaded earrings, stylish crystals and vibrant tassels.

  • Go For The Oversized And Quirky Pieces

A large and odd piece of course not only can make a fashion statement but also make heads twirl as they can add a twist to any outfit. Quirky elements could be in the form of animals or body parts like lips and heart.

Remember, whatever fancy jewellery you’re having, never make people believe they’re real. Go, wear them with ease and comfort.

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