Streetwear around the World

Streetwear is a type of fashion described by the subcultures that helped take its form, as well as the culture it forms. This look has no actual origin; it simply becomes a collection of subcultures merged and clashed to create a universal style and culture that a lot of people from different walks of life can enjoy in this modern world. This clothing style evolved a couple of times, and everyone from the lower class kids to upper-class individuals has hopped aboard the buildup behind the fashion.

Who influences this kind of style?

Everyone from Kanye West to Travis Scott to various athletes and models developed the culture and trend of streetwear. If Hollywood A-listers wore it, you could guarantee that it will be a short-lived trend. But there are more elements to this fashion statement.

Various subcultures help developed it into what it is today. Everything from skater cliques and grunge subculture of the 90s to hip-hop heads and Hypebeasts of today, these groups of individuals greatly influence this culture. People will find tons of elements taken from different subcultures and styles throughout the times.

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What brands to wear?

What brands people wear are not necessary when it comes to this kind of style, but they usually help increase the wearer’s clout or influence. If a person can afford it, products such as Anti-Social Club, Mastermind, Bape, and Supreme, even luxury brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, can be good brands to wear if you can afford it.

These brands are starting to get a foothold in the streetwear industry, and wearing one of these products can make a person stand out from the rest because of the limited availability. But if you cannot spend at least a thousand dollars on a branded logo hoodie, do not worry because labels such as Champion, Nike, Adidas, or older Tommy Hilfiger can help people stand out from the rest on the street. And with brands like Gnarcotic and MNML on the rise, it is a lot easier to find brands individuals like and find aesthetics only to you.

What kind of streetwear is there?

Once individuals get into this kind of fashion, they will see all the subcultures and nuances that developed within the streetwear culture. There are a lot of things to go over. But we will go over the most basic types of people will encounter most often.

European and American streetwear

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you are living in Europe or America so that you will encounter this kind of fashion in the streets most often than not. Suppose you are asking how it is characterized, well. In that case, western street fashion enthusiasts tend to ride what is trending at the moment and follow significant cultural icons like rappers in terms of their fashion.

People will usually see someone dressed like MGK, Kanye West, The Migos, or Travis Scott. People in Europe or America tend to have the same look with skinny denim, a looser fitting plain t-shirt, and sneakers from companies such as Adidas, Nike, or Jordan, even luxury sneakers like Bape if they have more money to spend.

If the shirt is not completely blank, it is not uncommon to find logos of companies they represent. A popular example is the Supreme’s box logo t-shirt. Individuals will also see different variations in various regions of Europe and America alike since these regions have different celebrities, icons, and artists to influence them.


Asian streetwear

Depending on what region of Asia you live in, you will find some of the most vibrant, progressive, and creative trends in the world. Street fashion in Asia has had various influences, from traditional Asian styles to Korean Pop/Japanese Pop to vintage American culture.

Asian street style usually consists of brands like Houseofcoco, Mastermind, Comme De Garcons, Bape, and other local Asian brands. While there is some Nike, Adidas, or Supreme found in between, it is not as international as people have thought. While this style is more reserved and conservative in Japan, places like South Korea have a pretty vibrant and progressive manner.

And this is an introductory guide to this kind of style. There are hundreds of styles and millions of ways people can wear these clothes. You will find hundreds and hundreds of new, engaging, and creative garments as you go forward, and you will be able to see at least the basic styles of street fashion.

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