Prepping your wardrobe to be ready for winter

Winter is coming and you need to be prepared. There is a lovely look and feel that comes with winter clothes and it need not be a season for drab and boring. Having a lively and colourful winter wear helps you feel happy and light even when the days are long, and the nights are cold. You may live in a place that has wet and rainy winters, but this is an excuse to buy awesome clothing that you get to wear and feel good in. You don’t need to spend fortunes, but you can choose carefully and find yourself sporting some great clothing wear that could be featured in the fashion magazines that you love.

Always have a pair of boots

Boots last a long time and RM Williams womens boots are great for winter wear. They go with just about every winter item you may have, and you can wear them throughout the season. If you’re in a rainy winter area you can invest in a pair of wellingtons, gumboots or waterproof boots. Depending on where you are from, they have different names but are essentially the same thing. They can serve both a practical and fashionable purpose.

Winter coat for all occasions

Every second year or so, buy yourself a new winter coat. While you may think that this is not very often, winter coats last a long time and you only wear them for a third of the year, maybe as much as half of the year. So, you won’t tire of it easily and it will last a long time. If you buy every second year you will soon have a couple in your cupboard that you rotate.

Stocking and leggings to go with your summer dresses

Thick winter stockings or leggings winterise your summer outfits by giving you an underlayer that you can wear under your dresses. With a jacket, some leggings and boots, your favourite summer dress is transformed into a lovely fun and fresh-looking winter outfit. No need to go buying whole new items that cost a fortune.

Things that go on your head

In winter you can have French berets, beanies, woollen hats, bandanas and all sorts of lovely headwear accessories that keep your head warm and make your outfit look funky and stylish. If you have a plain and neutral outfit on, then let your headwear be colourful and bright, but if your outfit is already bright and bold, your headwear can be plain and simple. Otherwise it might be too much and too overwhelming and you lose the quaintness of it.

Accessories that complete

There are some great winter accessories that you don’t get to wear in the summer months and are great to pull out the wardrobe in the winter months. You can wear gloves or mittens, they can be cotton or knitted wool, mittens or fingerless gloves. Scarves are also great as they provide extra warmth but also extra colour and are easily thrown on to join your outfit. Build up a stock of a couple of different scarves.

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