Prepare Yourself for the Tattoo Removal Procedure

At the time you thought it was a good idea. Making that memory visible and transferring it into an image stamped forever on your skin. But something else happened later. Maybe your idea and what what the sketched result on the skin were beyond discrepancy. Or maybe after some time that image on your skin meant nothing. Or you just want a change. Whatever is the reason, now you decided you want it removed.

Of course, the first step would be to review all the possibilities and prepare yourself for the tattoo removal procedure. Here is one useful internet link where more information can be found about this procedure.

Fortunately, there is a number of solutions nowadays. It wasn’t like that at the beginning. First tattoos were permanent due to the ink and the techniques used. The homemade recipes for taking off of that ink, that now can be found on the net, wouldn’t help in those cases. Rubbing it with salt, peroxide, aloe vera, oils, honey, yogurt, solely or combined, maybe helped someone, but who could know? And there is always a chance that you might end up with more damage to the skin. That is why we advise this procedure to be done at the doctor’s office.

You might want to review some options first. As they say at the Syracuse tattoo removal, all these options can be discussed with a medical professional of choice, either it is a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Make sure you are convinced in their professionalism; nevertheless if the options to be reviewed are the laser, or something else, more affordable. And those other options can be, for example, just lightening the ink so it can be re-touched over, or dermoabrasion, or surgical removal of the whole tattoo, with some scarring or white patches as a consequence. The medical expertise in all cases is crucial if you do not wish to get the situation worse and to need to go through correction procedures over and over again.

There are a few things you should know before heading out to any doctor. The best and the most contemporary way of removing an unwanted tattoo is the non-invasive removal with a laser.

Not every “laser” is the laser that you need, and it depends on a few things. Try to find what kind of technology the doctor uses and how up-to-date it is.

At the appointment try to ask the doctor as many questions as you can about previous experience with dealing with unwanted tattoos, how many cases they have had, request some photos, and ask them for a detailed description of the procedure. Then do some extra homework and ask some questions around. Use any source you can think of, and if there are not many opportunities, don’t miss to communicate with a stranger with visible tattoo removal in a process, for example.

Since it is a process, and an expensive one. There go more questions you should ask the doctor. The prices can vary and they depend on the doctor’s policies but for sure the procedure is not cheap, and definitely not a one-time thing. The laser works on the principle of breaking down the ink particles from the skin and they are further absorbed by the body. The average procedure goes between 6 to 8 sessions until that ink stamp is completely removed; larger applications need more sessions. And you should wait 6-8 weeks between sessions to give chance to the skin to heal.

And it is not quite painless. Different people experience it differently, but you should prepare yourself for at least some discomfort, if not more. Also, the spots treated with the laser will scab and be sensitive until they heal in several days, so you should have some light bandages, antiseptics or moisturizing ointments handy.


The best technique for taking off unwanted tattoos is an non-invasive laser. The process needs to be repeated several times until you see the results. Have in mind that your skin type, the kind of the ink and the experience and the professionalism of the chosen plastic surgeon or dermatologist, are factors for how successful the removal of the tattoo will be.

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