Mastering the Top Trendy Looks of Fall 2020

As the weather changes, we want to look good and stay warm doing it. So what can you be wearing this Fall to stand out?

Whether you’re on a shopping spree or utilizing your current wardrobe, there is something for everyone in this year’s fall trends. Look out for oversized and in your face, top layering tips and sweaters and scarves to keep you warm and toastie.

Keep reading as we look at the best outfits to give you the trendy look your after and to bring some sparkle to the months ahead.

The Three Fs

First up, we have fringe, fur, and fishnet. Not all together, of course, but these 3 things are looking hot in 2020.

Big celebrity names are endorsing fringe, from little frills on your jacket sleeves to oversized fringe on your dress hem. Don’t be afraid to add fringe in other places, too, like designer shoes and boots or a cute purse.

Faux fur is also a top aesthetic this fall, with the bonus of being extra cozy. A faux fur coat or jacket lining would be a great choice.

Fishnet and sheer overlays are also great statement pieces for perfect outfits. Combine them with cropped tops and an overcoat.

Sparkle and Sunshine

Bring some summer color and winter sparkle into your fall with sequin-covered tops and accessories or a splash of marigold. Sequins look great over the festive period, and the warmth of marigold is also a great fall color.

Sequins are also a great jewelry look. If you’re not feeling bold enough for your whole sweater or dress to sparkle, bring a touch of sequin to a bracelet or earrings.


Everyone knows to layer up when it’s chilly, and with this 2020 fall trend, there’s no excuse not to.

We already mentioned layering cropped tops and fishnet or sheer overlays, but oversized dresses and over the top ruffles with a great pair of knee-high boots or designer shoes also make perfect outfits.

Dresses and pants are also in this fall too, so pick out your favorite fall pants and glam them up with a dress over the top.


If you’re looking for fall trends and tips on how to accessorize, we’ve got you covered too. Chunky tubular shares are very aesthetic this fall, along with heavy-duty chains and extra-long necklaces.

If you’re after a more dainty jewelry look, dangly earrings are a great choice. Star shapes are also in, along with pearls and florals.

Clothes aren’t the only place to layer up either. Layers are big fall trends in jewelry, too, with layered necklaces and bracelets being a great 2020 choice.

Check our Positively Motivational for some trends on the jewelry tips above.

Time To Shine With a Trendy Look

No matter what you have in your wardrobe or your jewelry box, there’s bound to be something in this list of fall trends to give you the trendy look you’re going for.

Find more great advice on our website and join the fashion conversation with your favorite fall looks in the comments below.

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