How to dodge the harmful UV rays and get tan?

Sun is the ultimate source of life on earth. The rays emitted by the sun create a life-sustaining atmosphere that promotes regeneration. We also rely on the sun and harness its energy to keep our life on track. People also turn to the sun to get that natural looking health glow on the skin. However, not all rays emitted by the sun are harmless and useful. Research has shown that the sun’s UV or Ultra Violet rays are damaging to our skin. Exposure to UV rays can result in skin diseases, sunburn, and even skin cancer.


Luckily, there is a wonderful alternative for people who love basking under the sun for getting tanned. With modern technology like an infrared infused vertical tanning bed, one can get radiant skin without worrying about UV rays’ harms.


Besides this, there are various other sunless tanning methods like self-tanners, bronzers, automated spray tanning machines, etc.


So how do UV rays damage our skin?


The sun emits Ultraviolet rays or UV rays that are a kind of electromagnetic radiation. Besides the sun, many tanning salons and tanning beds emit UV rays. Research and studies have indicated that UV rays can cause permanent or significant damage to the body.

UV radiations can be further categorized. Let’s find out here.


UVA rays: UVA rays comprise of least amount of energy. Prolonged exposure to UVA rays can result in premature aging. The UVA rays can also cause damage to the skin cell’s DNA. UVA rays can also cause wrinkles and fine lines. 


UVB Rays: UVB rays come in the middle of the light spectrum. UVB rays cause more damage to the skin than UVA rays. Research has soon that sunburn is caused due to UVB rays. Skin cancer is also associated with UVB rays.


UVC rays: Out of all the three UV rays, UVC rays strong. However, they have a low-risk factor for cancer. Since the UVC rays stay in the outer atmosphere, they don’t reach the ground and yet not as harmful as other UV rays.


For generations, people have been yearning for radiant and glowing skin. From the Greek era to the Victorian era, people have adopted various means to get that natural sun-kissed tan. Exposing the body to the sun is the easiest way for people to get tan. However, laying in the sun can be more damaging to your body than you ever thought. 

Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays can result in fine lines, early aging, dry skin, and even melanoma.


Over time, the UV rays can be detrimental to your skin and body. So, how does it damage our skin?


The outer surface of our skin contains pigments called melanin. When our skin is subjected to UV rays, the skin cells produce melanin to protect the skin from harmful damage. Repeated exposure to the UV rays can burn the skin cells and make the cells to lose their elasticity. This often results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  


The best way to enjoy tanning and stay away from the harmful effects of UV rays is to go to professional sunless tanning salons for tanning services. Sunless tanning salons also offer slim sculpt services that further helps our skin and body rejuvenate and detox.

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