Easy and Right Methods to Remove Stiletto Acrylics

If you have chosen stiletto nail shape for your fingernails, you should not be complacent with its protection. Adequate protection of your fingernails would ensure you have longer lasting acrylics for your fashionable needs. It would be in your best bet to be careful when removing stiletto fingernails. The method of removal requires you to take utmost care of your nails. Therefore, you should gather essential knowledge before removing your acrylics. A good option would be on http://www.msmee.com/.


Removal of acrylics would need you to purchase cuticle oil. A drop of cuticle oil under the nail would soften the glue and help you remove the nail with ease. You could also dip your hands in warm soapy water in order to weaken the glue between the acrylics and natural nail. Another option would be to make use of acetone nail polish remover. Dipping your nails in acetone would also weaken the glue and help you remove the acrylics with ease.

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