Celebrity Wedding Ring Designs to Inspire Your Own

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding ring, it can be hard to know where to start. Should you go for a large, statement ring or a simple, signature band? With so much to choose from, we’ve no doubt that you’ll want some inspiration, so we’ve gathered some of the top wedding ring choices we’ve seen trendsetters and influencers debut after their big day to give you some ideas.

Meghan Markle

The only place to start, Markle adorns a three-stone ring made from a diamond sourced in Botswana along with two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection. Prince Harry used a base of yellow gold as it’s reportedly Meghan’s favourite.

Paris Hilton

On her third engagement, Paris debuted an extravagant tear-shaped diamond, estimated to be 20-carats and worth $20 Million. While that might not be something in your price range, the simple teardrop shape is very achievable and provides a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman’s ring could blind you. It’s custom made by Calvin Klein and Harry Winston, comprising of multiple diamond solitaires, edging around the curves of the band. Recreating the look could cost you a fortune, so consider opting for a central diamond surrounded by smaller gems in a three-stone setting.

Miranda Kerr

Opting for a simple but sophisticated design, Miranda Kerr’s ring is a traditional round cut shape paired with a solitaire setting. It’s a beautiful choice for those looking for a simple band with an extra touch of sparkle.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa’s art-deco inspired design is estimated to be worth $263,000. Understandable considering the setting features an impressive diamond with an Asscher Cut. To recreate the style with less expense, look for a design that has large step facets, a high crown and smaller table. Or, if you’re looking for something similar, a square emerald cut delivers a vintage look.

Kate Moss

If you love vintage, take a look at Kate Moss’s ring. It’s very much 1920’s inspired, with the main band splitting into three to hold the square shaped stone. This will be easy to recreate with an emerald cut stone.

Keira Knightly

Never one to go over the top, Keira’s ring has a thin band that hosts a simple stone in a solitaire setting. But, to make sure she stands out, her stone is brilliant cut, ensuring the light always catches it, giving it a sparkle not to be missed.

Jamie Chung

It might be a ring that cost a fortune, but the look is of constant brilliance and dazzling shine. Jamie’s finger hosts a round cut stone that’s encircled by a brilliant ring of diamonds, set on a split shank band. Easily recreated with a halo setting or simple silver split bands, it’s a glamorous and romantic style.

With many of these bands playing host to excessively large diamonds, it doesn’t mean it’s nothing to aspire to. These designs can easily be recreated on a smaller budget. For example, you could swap out that 20 carat diamond for a smaller gem or replace the diamond band with a three stone setting. For more inspiration, take a look at these Tacori Wedding Rings.

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