Can I use a man’s trimmer on my skin?

You may, but it’s better to use a women’s trimmer because it is designed for your use. This article explains more.

Hair removal is a reality for all men and women. Men grapple with shaving or trimming their moustaches and beards every day, while women must remove hair from their faces, limbs, underarms and bikini line.

While it is easy to book a salon appointment to get hair waxed from the limbs, underarms and bikini line, the usual methods of hair removal like waxing and depilatory creams cannot be used on the face. Many women resort to having the excess hair on their faces threaded, but the thread causes friction and damage to the skin, and the process can be quite painful.

Instead, why not use a hair trimmer to remove the excess hair on the face?

You might well wonder, ‘Can I use a gents’ trimmer on my skin?’ Read on to know why you shouldn’t.

A gents’ trimmer…

Men use trimmers to keep their moustaches either completely trimmed, or in shape. Most men use trimmers to shape their beards or to maintain their stubble in a particular style. A man’s trimmer has a broad head to cover a large swatch of hair, since it is primarily used on the face. However, smaller heads may also be available, for shaping the moustaches.

The trimmer heads are detachable from the main body, and the entire device is often a battery-operated one. However, some men’s trimmers do not operate on AA or AAA batteries, but must be charged either by plugging into a socket or placing on a charging stand.

A women’s trimmer

  • A women’s trimmer functions the same way as a man’s trimmer, but it is designed for use on smaller areas of the skin. Since women do not have beards or moustaches, their trimmers do not need a big or broad trimming head.
  • A woman’s hair trimmer is used to shape and trim the eyebrows, remove the unibrow, trim hair on the sideburns, cheeks, chin and jawline. For this, a small trimming head is required. The big trimming head in a man’s trimmer can hardly be used on a woman’s face – it will trim more than required and have disastrous results!
  • Also, men’s trimmers are primarily used on the face and neck, while a women’s hair trimmer is used on the face, underarms and bikini line. A separate, larger trimmer head is used for the bikini line and underarms.
  • Both the men’s and women’s hair trimmers cannot be used on the limbs or other larger areas of the skin.

When not to use a hair trimmer

There are certain times when using a trimmer is not useful, such as –

  • When the skin is cut or broken, or has developed rashes
  • When you want to go hair-free on your arms and legs. Depilatory creams and waxing work better on these areas of the skin

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