Beauty Guide for Quick Elopements

Are you thinking of eloping? Eloping does not mean that you have to get married alone with your fiancé at a courthouse or with an ordained minister. Elopements are simply smaller wedding parties without any big planning and organizing tasks.

How do you elope?

First, you need to do some prep work. It doesn’t have to be a big showcase, so all you need are the basics:

  1. Marriage certificate registration
  2. Book a judge or minister in advance
  3. Buy or rent your wedding attire
  4. Call and reserve the location
  5. Book your hair and makeup
  6. Buy your wedding rings
  7. Invite only a few people you love
  8. Book a place to eat afterwards

You can elope at the courthouse or any other place, as long as you book in advance. This is so that you can get permits if it’s outdoors or ask permission from the local government.

Elopements don’t need to be flashy so you can save on retail wedding dresses and suits, as well as Vancouver diamond jewelry for wedding bands.

When booking hair and makeup, you could opt to just go to the salon or hire a mobile beauty service that specializes in elopements. However, some brides prefer to prep for their big day on their own. If you want to do your own hair and makeup, here are some quick tips to help you prep.

  1. Watch YouTube tutorials

If you have a specific look in mind, look it up on YouTube and there is sure to be someone who has already posted a tutorial about it. You can do a natural look or a semi-glam look since it will be an intimate occasion.

  1. Buy hair products

Doing wedding hair isn’t the same as doing your hair for your night out. Your wedding may run all day if you have dinner or lunch reservations. You’ll probably want to celebrate all day, so it’s best to get hair products that are meant to help your hair stay in place all day. These will include hairspray, mousse, and serum.

  1. Use waterproof makeup

You may cry during the wedding vow reading, so it’s best to use matte and waterproof makeup for your look. This is also a hack in case you spend the whole day and night celebrating. Wearing this type of makeup will help you ease up on retouches and you can even go all day without redoing your makeup.

  1. Style your hair based on location and weather

Since it’s an elopement, you are primed to style your hair based on the weather report. If it’s hot, wear your hair up. If it’s cold, you can choose to wear your hair down or keep it up and wear a scarf when necessary. If it’s a windy day, keep your hair in place with pins and hairspray.

  1. Add false eyelashes

This can be tricky, but you can easily learn how to apply false eyelashes using the instructions on the packet or by watching YouTube videos. Since this is an elopement, make sure that you use high quality eyelash adhesive to keep them in place. Also, go for a simpler design rather than extra long and full lashes that take away the attention from your entire look.

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