7 Perfect and Easy Beach Hairstyles

Who says we can’t have perfect hairstyles while lounging on the beach? While many girls just let their hair loose you can stand out by making some of these perfect and extremely easy beach hairstyles. They only take a couple of minutes and topping them off with some fancy hair accessories from Conair Scunci, your hair will look absolutely on point! Hopefully, you will get inspired to try out some of these hairstyles next time you hit the beach.

High Pony

High pony is the unbeatable beach summer hairstyle. We are used to wearing our hair in a high ponytail while running or going to the gym. But Ariana Grade has proven that a high ponytail can be extremely glamorous making it her signature hairstyle.

Apart from being glamorous you also won’t get your hair wet that easily and while sunbathing on the beach you won’t get hot. Which is one of the essential advantages of this hairstyle. You can spice up your high pony with some cute hair accessories like a scrunchie or a cute ribbon.

Double Buns

Why make the same old one bun when you can make two? This fun and cute hairstyle will keep your hair in place and there are more than one ways to make them. Depending on what kind of look you are going for, you can either make it messy and effortless, or channel your inner ballerina.

First, you will make two high ponytails on the top of each side of your hair. If you want them to be more voluminous and look kind of messy you can tease your hair by running a comb through your hair a few times. Twist your pony and slowly start to twist it around your hair tie. The tighter you twist your hair the sleeker and smaller they will be. Spice up your buns with some rhinestone bobby pins and you’re good to go.


If you want to go for an extra chic and romantic look a sweet summer scarf can absolutely help you with that. Scarves are one of the greatest accessories in general, you can add it to a piece of clothing, wear it around your neck and, of course, wear it as a hair accessory.

One of the most glamorous ways you can style your scarf is by having a full head wrap. First, you will have to fold your scarf into a triangle. Then hold it by the sides so that the center is facing down. Then put it around your head (make sure you secured your hair first!). The pointed end should fall over your head towards your face. Overlap the sides of the scarf then twist them around each other and make a knot at the front. And voila! You have your glamorous head wrap.

Braided Side Low Pony

This one couldn’t get any easier but it makes such a great summer look. Braids are definitely one of the most romantic and easiest hairstyles to make. And they always look so beautiful. For this look, you can choose whatever braid you find suitable.

Traditional, french or dutch braid it’s entirely up to you. The only thing you should keep in mind is that for the look the be completed you should braid it on one side of your head. Whatever side you prefer. You can top off this look with a beautiful scarf at the end or put some butterfly hair clips for an extra dreamy vibe.

Half-up Bohemian Braided Bun

This is the ultimate mermaid look! Especially if you choose to spice up your hair a little with some washable hair spray. This look is also very easy to make and you will look like a real mermaid sunbathing on the beach.

First, you should make a half-up bun by taking the top section of your hair and making a high pony. If you want it to look a little messy you can tease your hair with a comb. Then twist that section into a rope, and around your hair tie. The rest of your hair should stay loose. Now take any section of your hair and start making small traditional braids. You can spray your bun and braids with some rainbow hairspray put a little glitter on and you will become officially a real mermaid!

Messy Top Knot

Summer is all about relaxation, vacation and wetting your feet in the ocean. So it’s no wonder the majority of these looks are really effotless, messy and made without pressure. You want to look how you feel during summer.

A messy top knot is a perfect hairstyle if you don’t want to get your hair wet. The process is simple. First, you will make a high pony. Tease the top of your hair with a comb, twist it in a rope and then around your hair tie. If you want it to look extra messy, pull out some sections of your hair and twist them around your finger for a wavy look. Top it off with a hairband or a knotted headwrap.

Two Low Pony Braids

Channel some girly vibes with this cute and effortless look. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can always make it even cuter with some great hair accessories. To make this look you will need to split your hair into two equal sections. And start braiding them.

You can go for a traditional or a french braid, whatever you find easier. You can accessorize this look with some cute rhinestone or animal print barrettes and clip them to each side of your hair. Or make some cool geometrical shapes with colorful bobby pins.

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