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Velvet Eyeliner Appliques from the Sephora Collection



Eyeliner application can make or break your make-up look. The classic cat eye is a very sexy and dramatic look, but in order to be able to pull it off, you first need to be able to draw the look on your face to begin with! A new product makes the look very easy-to-apply. Velvet eyeliner appliques from the Sephora Collection are eyeliner stickers that creates the illusion of liquid eyeliner.

The stickers are placed on your eyelids, just above your lash line, like regular eyeliner. The difference with the stickers is that they are always perfectly drawn, and stay on all day, without any smudging, smearing, or melting. The appliques are easy to apply, as you simply peel off the sticker and apply to your top lash line. The stickers also come with glue to ensure that the appliques stay in place, exactly where you place them, until you decide when to take them off.

Many beauty brands are offering eyeliner stickers now, as the concept of “peel-and-go” make-up continues to intrigue those in a time crunch and appeal to those that have never had very good skills in personal make-up application. The choices range from simple black “cat-eyes” to more ornate designs. The stickers regularly retail for $7, and can be found here.

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