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Palatium – Special Mother’s Day Discount for Beyond Beauty Basics Readers


ThePalatium Product Line

ThePalatium Product Line

The founders of Palatium say their new bath line is fit for royalty. And we do suspect that these elegantly fragrant oils and replenishing foams for bath might indeed be the perfect gift for those interested in making Mom feel like an empress for a day. After all, the name does derive from the Palatine Hill—the seat of many famous and infamous ruling women.

Palatium aims to recapture certain luxury aspects of the ancient Romans and Etruscans, for whom bathing was paramount. And what mother does not agree that this should be a part of her own regular ritual? Olive oil played a key role in Roman bathing. So it is no surprise that this line is made with a high-grade organic choice from Tuscany, which region is renowned for the quality of the olive oil it produces. The quality of this particular ingredient in the line can be felt to the touch with long-lasting results for the skin post-bath.

The high-grade oil enhances the quality of the scents in the mixture beautifully. Palatium’s three inaugural fragrances are inspired by scents native to the Mediterranean and Classical Italy. They were carefully crafted by master New York-based artisanal perfumer Rayda Vega, and include:

Arancia Dolce—Inspired by the sweet citrus of the orange groves lining seaside retreats from Cinque Terre to Amalfi. Top Note: Effervescent orange, grapefruit and lime zest. Mid Note: Lily of the valley, jasmine and orange blossom. Bottom Note: Cedarwood and gentle musk. 

Fico Speziato—Based on the scent of fresh fig balanced by gentle spices from Jerusalem and Alexandria along the Eastern edges of the Mediterranean. Top Note: Fresh dew drops of rain and green notes from orange flower leaves. Mid Note: Magnolia, rose petals and jasmine. Bottom Note: Exotic woods and musk. 

Mare Myrteus—Blends the elemental zest of a refreshing trade wind with spirited notes of Tyrrhenian myrtle berries. Top Note: Refreshing bergamot, sparkling lemon and cool, ocean air breezes. Mid Note: Floral jasmine and muguet blended with tangy ginger. Bottom Note: Blonde woods, amber and musk. 

Palatium bath oil also includes other nourishing oils—such as organic soybean, jojoba and primrose—along with soothing vitamin E and organic green and white tea extracts. The replenishing foam was designed with a healthful combination of ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin C ester and flower extracts like soothing chamomile.

Palatium offers the gift of a luxurious experience for any mom who wishes to be treated to a royal experience. And through May 13, 2012, we are offering BeyondBeautyBasics readers a special discount of 40% off at with the code “MDAYBBB,” courtesy of the brand. Enjoy!




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