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Do Guys Like Short Hair?

Posted on 25 May 2010 by Beyond Beauty Basics

Short_Hair_celebrity_hairstyles.jpgPhotos: © Getty Images

With sexy celebs like Hayden Panettiere and Renée Zellweger chopping off their long locks in favor of shorter styles, we had to wonder–what do guys think about the short hair trend? To find out, we polled 50 men in New York City’s Central Park to ask: Do you think short hair is sexy? We found that the majority of the men (62%!) preferred long hair over short. Check out their reasons why!

The guys who hated it said:
“To me, the women in these photos have hair that’s a little too short. Shoulder length or longer looks better on all women in general. I can’t pick out a single [celebrity] whose after shot I like more.”–Victor, 26

“I won’t say it doesn’t look good sometimes, but for the most part long hair looks good on all women. Personally, I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t look good with long hair. I can’t say the same for short hair.”–Kasey, 31

The guys who loved it said:
“Twenty years ago I would’ve said that I like long hair more. But now that I’m married I’ve learned that my wife is much happier dealing with short hair. Now I like short hair too.”–Walter, 42

“I read [a study] once that women are most likely to cut off their hair after a break-up out of fear of what their men will think. I’m not sure what that means but I for one like short hair more.”–Adam, 37

Were you surprised by the comments? What do you think of short hair?

by Sarah Monsour via DailyMakeover.com

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Votre Vu for Men is Simple and Fresh

Posted on 07 April 2010 by Paul Baranda

Votre-Vu-Formule-1I’ve been recently trying out the Men’s line from Votre Vu, a Paris-based skincare, which has only been around for a year, yet creating a lot of buzz in the world of skincare. What’s interesting about this line is that you can only get it online and it’s sooo affordable! Who knew you can get Parisian skincare for less?

What I love about there men’s line is that the regimen is so easy that they 3 simple products for us simple guys! Formule 1 Men’s 3-in-1 Wash is this amazing 3-in-1 formula designed for the guy who doesn’t want to bother with too many products. It’s custom formulated to cleanse in one step and designed for all skin and hair types. That’s right, I can clean my face, body and hair & scalp with ONE smooth gentle product! Oh and it smells so citrus fresh you really feel refreshed after using it. I love waking up to the energizing aroma, and starting my day knowing I’ve done well with Votre Vu’s natural essential oils to rejuvenate my skin all day.

The other 2 great products from Votre Vu’s Men’s line include: Habitude Men’s Daily Face Crème – SPF 15 and Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm. Check it out now on VotreVu.com

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Winter Haircare Tips

Posted on 13 December 2009 by Jennifer Long-Levy

winterhairEach season gives us haircare obstacles.  In the summer, humidity flattens our locks or turns us into a ball of frizz.  Winter has its own set of problems.  Hair tends to dry out – just like the Winter dries your skin out.

Winter Haircare Tip #1: Need to combat dry scalp or dandruff?  This is a common Winter problem!  Get a good anti-dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders and avoid washing your hair with very hot water.  You might be tempted to take very hot showers in the Winter because you’re feeling chilly, but they are no good for your hair OR your skin.

Winter Haircare Tip #2: Combat dry hair with shampoos and conditioners containing vitamins and nutrients that lock in moisture and avoid haircare products (like hairspray) that contain alcohol.  Alcohol will really dry out your hair!  If you can, avoid washing your hair too often during the winter months and invest in a leave in conditioner that is rich in vitamins such as A, E, and B5.

Winter Haircare Tip #3: Avoid using the blow dryer, curling and flat irons.  If you must, use a product specifically designed for heat styling to help protect your hair.

Winter Haircare Tip #4: For static-y hair, use your leave-in conditioner before you style.  If your hair is oily, only use conditioner on your ends.  To tame and prevent static fly-aways, you spray a little hair spray on your brush and brush hair lightly.

Winter Haircare Tip #5: If your hair (color-treated or not) starts to look a little dull, a great way to perk up your color (and your mood) is to add a few face-framing highlights.  Add a shine-enhancer to your routine to keep your locks glossy and lustrous.

Winter Haircare Tip #6: Another Winter problem is certainly hat-head!  To prevent this, make sure your hair is totally dry first before you put on a hat.  Another idea is to wrap a silk scarf around your head before donning that Winter hat!

Winter Haircare Tip #7: Get your hair trimmed regularly, 4-6 weeks for short haircuts and 6-8 weeks for longer styles.

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Adam Markarian styles my new look!

Posted on 10 October 2009 by Paul Baranda

I’m digging my new hair cut! I’ve been growing out my hair in the hopes that, with more to work with, I can figure out a new look . For the last few weeks, my straight asian hair has been tough to control as it got longer. It was just… long; longer than I’ve ever had, and it was time to get it cut! Luckily I had met, Adam Markarian, a celebrity stylist who has worked on the locks of Mischa Barton and Zac Posen, as well as for DVF runway shows and more.


Gettin' longReally long now

Adam consulted on what styles would suit me depending on what I was comfortable with. I work in a corporate environment during the week so I need a conservative hairstyle. However, on the weekends I do go out so I wanted something that could be fun too. Adam, who originally started as a metal sculptor before studying from some of the top stylists in California, immediately envisioned the look he had in mind for me. After some time in the chair, lots of meticulous, precision cutting, and a bit of L’Oreal hair product… Voila! My hair has more texture, is easily manageable, and can go from conservative to fun!


My new cut!

Girls, if you are in search for a new look or want a hollywood makeover, I would definitely suggest giving Adam a call! I also wanted to share with you some of the great magazine worthy “hair art” that Adam Markarian and his work partner, Harmonie Redman, has done. This creative pair has completed avante-garde masterpieces where they transform hair into fabric!

Adam MarkarianHarmonie Redman

Alexandra Knight (Ford Models NYC) - photo:Pete ThompsonAlexandra Knight (Ford Models NYC) - photo:Pete ThompsonMischa Barton & Zac Posen at NYC Metropolitan Opera opening

And some more beautiful work by the styling duo for Zac Posen’s 2009/10 Fur Campaign , as well as Elettra Wiedemann (Isabella Rossellini’s daughter) for a G-Star event.


Elettra Wiedemann

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