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Quick 10-minute Summer Hair


John Frieda Frizz EaseIt’s summer days that make us wish we had a personal hairdresser. Or at least it makes me wish it. Humidity alone can wreak havoc even on straight locks (like that of yours truly). At my local drugstore I always get the raised eyebrow reaction from the clerk ringing me up for Frizz Ease products from John Frieda. “It’s THAT good,” I tell her.

If you have short hair, you might feel like you have to try a little harder to fight the frizz, but the good news is that a little product can go a long way. A cute headband or styling your hair with pincurls always works, as does curling your hair around your fingers while drying. And everyone should invest in a diffuser for their blowdryer. The good news is most of them come with one!

I have longer hair, and it’s pretty straight. In the summer I get this weird voluminous frizz and a slight wave in all the wrong places (this is where the saving Frizz Ease comes in).

Beach WavesThe easiest thing to do is just work with the weather and not against it. Frederick Fekkai‘s Beach Waves makes it so easy. It gives my hair that great body and texture that a day at the beach does. If it gets a little frizzy, put a drop of shine serum on one palm and rub your hands together before combing your fingers through your hair.

Other options of course include putting your hair up, but for me this doesn’t always save time. An easy way to do it is to put your hair in a pony tail, and then halving the ponytail with a elastic so you have a loop of hair. Next, pin the ends under (a good trick is to tuck them under some of the hair elastic and then pin. Next step is to spread out the loop of hair and start pinning. It looks like a fussy up-do, but requires as much skill as a ponytail. If you have bangs or just want to get fancy, don’t brush the front of your hair. You can do a twist, or two, or three, or even tease the front into a poof before pinning it. If it’s long enough, you can pin it near the elastic, so the pins won’t be as obvious.

Another option is the good old ponytail. Like the simple up-do, you can make this seem fancier or more appealing by styling the front into a poof or a few twists. Or a twist with a poof, if you’re feeling sassy. Twisting or poofing the front is also good if you want to braid the back. It’s a time saving alternative to a French braid.

If your hair is wavy or curly, you can style your hair by scrunching with anti-frizz or anti-humidity lotion. It will make us straight-haired girls so jealous (or at least me)!

Some days I just get real lazy, throw in some anti-frizz cream and let it air dry. It’s summer – have some fun with your hair!

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  1. Short hairstyle Says:

    I really like your site, its well put together and feels really nice. I love all the pictures and your article on quick 10 minute summer hair.

  2. Patrice Says:

    Frederick Fekkai’s Beach Waves is something I should try on my hair especially during summer time. Great post!

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