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Must Have Trends: Over The Knee


Knees are a very important dividing line in the fashion world. In the 20s, skirts that skimmed the knees became a trademark of flapper fashion, introducing a new level of sex appeal to modern women’s apparel. Lately, a new trend has centered around this body part, but rather than revealing them, it seems that socks, stockings, and boots are climbing up from the floor and not stopping till they are over the knee.

If you went to private school or were ever in Girl Scouts, you probably wore knee high socks as part of your uniform. OTK socks take the same look just a few inches further, often necessitating they be worn with skirts or dresses that are on the shorter side.

OTK sock styles can vary as much as your moods. There are knit ones that look like long athletic socks, and socks with patterns like argyle, leopard print, or polka dot. Some are a bit fancier, with lace edges, or made with nylon or metallic threads to give them a shiny appearance.

When it comes to OTK boots, the style ante is set slightly higher. Perhaps it’s a way for every woman’s inner Catwoman to come out and play, or simply a nostalgic homage to Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman moment, whatever the case, these shoes are not for the shrinking violet.

While it’s easy to deem the footwear impractical (they can only be worn with skirts and dresses or certain types of pants), they actually can be a problem solver as well. Got boney knees? These will cover ‘em. Gonna be cold out today? Anything OTK is plenty warm, making them the perfect winter style trend to follow!

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