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Makeup Changes Over The Years


Make-up has changed over the years. Most of what we know now of our every day products didn’t exist until at least the 1930’s. Lipstick was lip rouge and it came in a small tin. Mascara was ash mixed with Vaseline (for his sister Maybel (Maybelline)).
Although, different in application and formula, make-up always served the same purpose…to make us more physically beautiful.

Here are some flashbacks of make-up throughout the past 9 decades.

Scary by my way of thinking, but this was considered the height of Beauty in the 20’s. Look at those brows…eeeek!

It gets better…the 20’s looks kind of Gothic in comparison

The 40’s and 50’s seemed similar to me. Very clean, very lady-like/pretty


The rebellion starts. Make-up and fashion starts to buck the traditional styles of the 40’s and 50’s to go along with the changes happening in the world

The rebellion against tradition continues, although the hippy/no make-up look started to go away by the end of the decade and explode into…

…the 80’s! Bigger was better. Bigger hair, futuristic make-up, splashes of color

The 90’s tapered back a bit. After some of the 80’s money started to go away, so did the make-up. Cleaner, more natural skin-toned make-up ruled. The Make-up Artist brands began to appear on the scene (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, etc.)

the trend in make-up today is pretty much…anything goes. Wear none (or what looks like none), wear a ton, it’s all good. just as long as YOU feel pretty.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Jae Says:

    “The 40’s and 50’s seemed similar to me. Very clean, very lady-like/pretty”

    ahahahaah omg

  2. Taylor Says:

    I think I still like the 60s style the best..I don’t think it’s good to wear a lot of make up no matter how nice you look in it. Maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve personally never used a lot. Neither has my mom. And neither of us has ever needed a lot.

  3. Mackenzie Says:

    this is great. i like makeup now days.

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