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MAC AIDS Fund Donates $1.25 Million to Caribbean HIV/AIDS Foundation


mac_125mil.jpg     In New York on Wednesday, John Demsey, Leonard Lauder, and Nancy Mahon presented former president Bill Clinton with a check for $1.25 million dollars to support his William J. Clinton Foundation for HIV/AIDS Initiative.  This was the largest single grant donated in the MAC AIDS Funds’ history.  To date, MAC has raised over $95 million dollars for their MAC AIDS Fund and continues to make a huge global impact in fighting the disease.

What I love most about this donation is it hits closer to home as Bill Clinton states in WWD today “ The Caribbean is our neighbor and I fell that Americans have a heavier obligation there than anywhere on earth.”

The William J. Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative works with 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean to reduce prices for drugs and diagnostics to help fight AIDS.  Clinton has made the Caribbean a focus for his foundation and Demsey later stated, “ there really had been no champion for that region. This initiative is mobilizing the area and we have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference.”

Remember, 100% of your purchase of any VIVA Glam Lipstick or Lipgloss goes to the MAC AIDS Fund and you can help MAC keep making a global difference in the fight against AIDS.

Source: WWD

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