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Hairstyle Tips: To Bangs or Not to Bangs?


Bangs!That is the (beauty) question.

Thinking bangs? Trends – even ones we love – just aren’t for everyone.  Bangs are everywhere! Some say it started with the Heidi Klum look, but suddenly everywhere you looked – from the Red Carpet, to fashion magazines, the SoHo girls whose style we so admire – bangs were on every face. Bangs can give ho-hum hair a little rock and roll punch; disguise those lines developing on your forehead (skip the Botox!); and might even make you look younger.

Heidi Klum BangsThe best part about bangs is that you can drastically change your look without losing length or changing your color – good for someone like me who gets bored about a day into a new hairstyle.

Before you dive headlong (clever pun intended) into a haircut commitment, think about what style you’d like. Bangs can be cut and styled in a variety of lengths and shapes. Short bangs may not suit a long face; blunt bangs work best on oval faces. My personal favorites are bangs that are angle around the brow bone or side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs can elongate a round face and soften square-shaped faces. They’re also a great way for ladies with hairstyle-cold-feet to get used to the idea of bangs.

Never cut bangs yourself (ask me how I know!). You may be able to tackle a trim on your own here and there, but if you’re not a stylist, cutting bangs on your own is treacherous territory.

Remember, the same cut won’t work for everyone. Here are a few factors to consider before you try out bangs:

  • Hair Type and Texture – Straight and wavy haired girls rejoice! Bangs work the best on your hair type. If you’re hair is thick and tends to curl, stay away from super short bangs. Shortening your hair can lighten it, resulting in tighter curls and short short bangs! You might want to try layers and angles instead of bangs. They’ll give you a fresher, edgier look without the pitfalls of bangs-gone-wild.  Super fine hair? You may want to stay away from bangs that are too wispy or short. Fine and thin hair works well with side-swept bangs that give you more volume and texture.
  • Skin Type - Is your skin really oily? You may want to think twice about styling your hair across your forehead. Your hair also produces natural oils and the two together can cause a skin breakout of epic proportions.
  • Growing Pains -Bangs are, for the most part, a temporary style update. They can grow out in as little as two weeks. When they start poking you in the eyes, it’s either time for a trim or time for the growing pains! If you work with your stylist, you can have them trimmed so that they start going to the side. I do this in between trims. It’s fun because it’s like two haircuts in one! Trendy bangs across the brow one week, and sexy side-swept locks the next.

While styling products, a great brush and blow-dryer can help you through the growing out or in-between phase, I find that accessories (and there are a lot out there to choose from) can be a girl’s best friend!

Headbands, scarves and wraps are so hot right now and can disguise even the most unruly bangs as they grow out. I like to part my bangs to one side, twist slightly and pin them back for a sophisticated, stylized look. No one would guess you were growing out bangs!

Are You Ready?

Celebrity BangsBefore you sit in your stylists chair, find some pictures (Heidi Klum, anyone?!) of styles that interest you. Being prepared might mean the difference between getting those perfect side-swept layered bangs a la Jessica Simpson, or getting blunt bangs that don’t suit your round face.

I tried full bangs across my brow bone and I am loving them! I have a lot of fine, straight hair; and this type works really well on my oval face. The best is – I instantly turned up my style factor. I find that I can just blow out my bangs and rush out the door. Instant hairstyle. Good bangs will always make you look finished and polished.

If you’re going to try them, now’s the time… although… I hope they never go out of style!

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Loretta Says:

    LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!! I have been debating if I should get bangs, and I will take the plunge now! Please keep me in the loop on your articles. Love this site!

  2. Khara Says:

    I have bangs but i am sick of trying to get them one way everyday. I have the same style EVERY day. Thsis article really helped me decide what i should get and i think i am going full bangs now. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Maggie Says:

    I have fine, straight hair with an oval face. Do you think i should get sideswept bangs or full bangs straight across my brow bone?

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