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Great Gatsby Garb



Since the release of Baz Luhrman’s epic movie take on the great American novel, The Great Gatsby, roaring 20s and flapper inspired fashions have been all the rage. The popularity of the movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, have brought back the looks that were first popularized during a rather adventurous time in American fashion history.

Hemlines that skim the knee, beaded and fringed dresses, textured fabrics in rich colors, sparkly headbands and patterned head wraps, long beaded necklaces, and dropped waists are all key hallmarks of the style the epitomized the 20s, a time in fashion when for the first time, the traditional aspects of the female form as it relates to fashion were turned on its head, and what was once considered beautiful and sexy was rejected by the majority of women in favor of exploring new silhouettes that allowed for more freedom of movement and less constriction.

Elements like pearls, art deco, feathers, and rhinestones were all common embellishments to the outfits of this age. Modern takes on these looks by spots like Top Shop, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, River Island, and Anthropologie have all taken these looks and made them more accessible by putting a modern twist on them. Today’s fabrics make these fashions even easier to wear, as the beaded fabrics are more washable and not as heavy on the wearer.


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