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Feel smooth, use less: Korres Silicone-Free Face Primer & Get 30% off too!


Korres Silicone-Free Face PrimerIf you are not using a primer then I think it’s time you should. I mean think about how awful the hot weather can cause that summer-melty-face! You should also be using it especially if you’re using mineral makeup. The thing about primers though, is that I know I’ve tried several that just don’t seem to work for me. They have left me feeling greasy, made me breakout, or just simply had a weird silicone finish. I mean a primer is suppose make my skin look smooth and not make me feel like Pamela Anderson’s chest is glued to my cheeks!

Recently, I tried out Korres Face Primer which is silicone-free and lightweight; well, this is a great start. It doesn’t necessarily fill in fine lines like silicone primers do, but it did minimize them giving me an enhanced, smooth finished look. What’s great is that it easily glides on my face when applying, so I actually end up using less product. This means my skin gets to breathe for a change (and that makes me happy)!

This paraben-free, silicone-free, and antioxidant-rich face primer by Korres is actually healthy for your skin. It’s enriched with Vitamin E & Jojoba; and it even has a lovely citrus scent. Not only do you keep your skin feeling fresh all day, but you don’t even need to do much touching up. Silcone-free + less product + healthy, smooth skin = Korres Face Primer!

You can try it out for yourself AND get 30% off when you shop online at Just use promo code: BEYONDBEAUTY (expires Sept 15th, 2009)- Oh and I’d definitely pick up their Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes that I keep in my purse, which has pomegranate extract and smells sooo good!

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  1. C Says:

    Tried using the code today 9/4 – website is saying that it is expired? :(

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