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Fashion Star Returns to NBC


Fashion Star - Season 2

The most cleverly packaged, half hour-long, primetime infomercial ever to hit network TV, also known as “Fashion Star” has returned for it’s second season on NBC with a few new faces and some slight changes to the overall format of the show.

New host Louise Roe has replaced supermodel Elle McPherson at the helm. Roe, a former model herself, hails from England and has been seen before on BBC’s “The Clothes Show,” E!’s “Fashion Police,” E!’s “Perfect Catch,” and the CW TV show “Plain Jane.” Also new to the show is buyer Erika De Salvatore, who represents Express. She’ll be joining returning buyers Caprice Willard, from Macy’s, and Terron E. Schaefer, from Saks Fifth Avenue. H&M is not being represented on the show this season, as it was in season one.

All the familiar faces are back on the mentors panel, including Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos. Unlike last season, all the contestants/designers are assigned to a specific mentor as a team, and can be nominated for elimination by the mentors if they have failed to sell any designs in that week.

Among the designers, there are a few who are representing for men’s wear, and each week, all of the designers must create fashions to specific themes that are assigned as challenges week to week. The selected designs that are bought by the buyers are made available for purchase immediately on the “Fashion Star” website, and the following day in stores. As weeks progress, the designs will be expected to show more and more innovation, as more designers are eliminated, leaving only one, who will be named the next “Fashion Star.”

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