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Every Girl Has A Sweet Spot


Bidet in a Bottle by SweetSpot LabsThat’s right ladies, we all have a sweet spot, and I am not talking about chocolate, I am talking about on our bodies. I have found the most fabulous line of feminine intimate grooming products and it starts with the name. Sweet Spot Labs has created the most incredible line of products specially designed to make your Sweet Spot extra special.

The collections are not only packaged beautifully, but they are clinically designed to work. They are intended to nourish and complement your sweet spot’s natural and delicate bodily functions. Sweet Spot Labs only uses specially formulated extra sensitive ingredients to ensure the very best quality for your body. Now, these products are only intended for your Sweet Spot and you will be in love the moment you try one.

My favorite is the Bidet-In-A-Bottle, the shower of power. This is the ultimate in intimate care. This pH balanced wash will refresh and invigorate you and your Sweet Spot. It’s so easy to use and you can use each was as you need because it is packaged in single use packettes.
Check out for the other fabulous products and start having some fun with your Sweet Spot.

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  1. luella Says:


    i love this bidet-in-a-bottle…i thought it was gonna be weird but it’s soooo effective.

    worth the time/money!
    i feel clean and pretty!

  2. nik111 Says:

    Sweet Spot products are a total waste of money. It’s a gimmick developed by this middle aged guy named Tom married to a dyke.

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