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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics opens The Studio in Montclair, New Jersey


Bobbi Brown has done it! Her freestanding store was created to not only service clients with their cosmetic needs, but to offer her artists an amazing location to meet and develop as makeup professionals.

“Our mantra is to invest more in the education of artists” said Maureen Case, president of Bobbi Brown, and they did just that. I visited The Studio at 8 Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair, New Jersey, and I was like a kid in a candy store! First, the store is absolutely beautiful! It actually reminds me more of a loft space, very open and inviting, nothing like a stuffy department store. It’s cozy and the staff is extremely friendly and willing to help in anything you need.

The front of the shop is dedicated to the retail side of the business, you know, buying and selling all of the best Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and there is a loft space in the back set to hold workshops and sales meetings. The studio will not only give you a great place to shop for your favorite Bobbi Brown cosmetics, but they will offer many other services which you can really personalize and make your own. You can have your best friends in for private “Beauty 101” lessons, or personal Bridal and Brow Grooming, Teen Makeup, Woman Over 40, and many other one on one type services. The Studio is an amazing addition to the Montclair community. As a makeup artist, I would have loved the opportunity to work in a space like this while I was training!

According to Bobbi Brown, she feels the store feels more like and allows her to showcase an array of non-makeup items that also inspire her color pallets, like fragrance, vintage jewelry, and pottery. Brown plans on opening more locations like this in New York and LA and even expanding to China and Tokyo.

The Studio is the new hot spot in Montclair and another fabulous addition to the Bobbi Brown cosmetics entourage. I hope you get an opportunity to visit this trendy and chic new spot in Montclair, New Jersey, you are sure to be impressed and happy you made the trip!

Bobbi Brown Studio
8 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair, NJ 07042



For more information visit

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