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Best Vegan Nail Polish Brands


While the concept of vegan eating has become much more mainstream that it used to be even 10 years ago, the concept behind a vegan diet, when in practice, is actually much more inclusive than just what you ingest. True vegans practice animal-free consumerism and daily lifestyles that make them very aware of where their consumables and other products come free. Stars like Natalie Portman have helped educate the public about these issues with her vegan shoe line, that does not use any leather, fur, or feathers in her designs. Cosmetics, likewise, should be considered carefully when adhering to vegan guidelines, and manufacturers have responded to public demand by offering lines that are cruelty-free, and thereby known as vegan products.

While long-time nail polish favorites like O.P.I., Hard Candy, and Elf are vegan, there are still many other brands and lines to choose from that come in a range of price points, and all adhere to cruelty-free ethics. Dazzle Dry offers a variety of glitter shades, and Priti offers a gorgeous range of pastel shades. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics recently teamed up with fashion house VPL to release a line of colors that were inspired by and worn at the VPL fall ’12 show. All OCC nail polishes and make-up products are cruelty-free.

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  1. Angela Hall Says:

    I remember when these first came out. They were no Walmart products you could only get them at specialty boutiques. Those rings were a status symbol and you saw celebrities with them all the time.

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