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Acne Clearing: Tips and Tricks


Pimples are nothing more than mini-infections of the skin. In order to clear up pimples, one should try following a few simple steps.
1. Wash your face twice per day with a non-stripping cleanser (this is something that should be as closely PH balanced to your skin as possible).

Suggestion: Revive, Cleanser Gentil Gelee – $65.00

Available at and

2. Use your hands to wash your face (instead of a wash cloth, sponge or anything else for that matter. Your hands will cause less abrasion to the surface of the skin, having less chance of spreading the infection.
3. Either fill your sink with water or let your water run while your washing your face. Splash as many times as you like to clear your skin of the cleanser (the splashing provides improved blood circulation to the face).
4. If you need to exfoliate, do it with an Enzyme, Alpha-Hydroxy or Glycolic based product instead of a manual exfoliator. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make, as it might seem as though your getting a deeper cleansing, but (as I stated above), you’re only moving around the infection.

Suggestions: La Prairie, Cellular Retexturizing Booster- $160.00

Amore Pacific, Treatment Enzyme Peel – $60.00

both available at and

5. Once or twice per week use a cleansing mask (after cleansing). This will also clear up any blackheads you may have. Leave the mask on your whole face (staying clear of the eye area) for about ten minutes, then rinse) (you can also spot treat specific areas).

Suggestions: Natura Bisse Stabalizing Cleansing Mask, $47.00

available at, and

6. Follow either your cleanser or mask with a non-alcohol toner. Toning is part of the cleansing process and (especially for someone with acne, should not be ignored

Suggestion: Elemis, Soothing Apricot Toner – $33.00

Available at and

7. If you’re oily, but still dehydrated, complete your twice-daily regiment, using a light-weight moisturizer after your toner.

Suggestion: Amore Pacific, Moisture Bound, Refreshing Hydra Gel – $100.00

Available at and

If you have persistent or systic acne, consult a dermatologist as your regiment may include either topical or internal, prescribed medicine.

2 Comments For This Post

  1. myskin Says:

    Can you provide OTC options to treat adult acne?

  2. Jennie Says:

    Great tips and product recommendations to get rid of acne. I was recommended a revive cleanser for my acne prone skin and it worked well for me.

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