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A Delicious New Scent: Avril Lavigne Introduces Black Star


avril-posterBlack Star, Avril Lavigne’s new fragrance was launched last week at the Cooper Square Hotel in downtown NYC. The event took place in the penthouse of the hotel, a floor to ceiling sanctuary that overlooked the city. The room was cutely decorated with Avril’s favorite colors, pink and black—muted pink peonies sat in vases on the table, while hot pink pillows marked milky white couches. This favorite color combination was what inspired the perfume packaging and bottle which Avril worked closely on developing.

The signature perfume, which was 2 years in the making, showcases the singer’s unique style and personality. Black Star was created for the girl, like Avril, who loves to stand out and express her own style. From the silver stud detailing on the carton, to the star shape of the bottle, the design is a celebration of what makes Avril unique. The studded bracelets and belts the singer often wears were innate sources of inspiration. As an added detail, the neck of the perfume bottle features a removable, studded silver ring. The ring can also be worn as a pendant; it’s touted as “a gift of self expression.”

Avril said she loves nothing more than to have fun and she really wanted the perfume to represent that. “It’s all about being edge and feminine…” she explained. The fragrance is also inspired by her music and high energy. The scent stands out—it packs a punch of sweetness with a lingering edginess. Here are the notes that fuse it all together:

  • High notes: Black Plum; vibrant and sweet
  • Heart notes: Hibiscus; super feminine and soft
  • Base notes (my favorite!): Black chocolate; edgy and edible

close-up-of-black-starI’ve tried the scent and I have to say I really love it. The plum and chocolate notes make it feel luxurious, a scent perfect for fall. I’d call the fragrance fresh, sexy, and scrumptious. They weren’t kidding when they said the base notes are edible. I wanted to eat it. Delish! Avril Lavigne‘s Black Star is available exclusively at Kohls this August.

Photos: Kate Monahan/Beyond Beauty Basics

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