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4 Steps To Shiny, Healthy Hair

by Beyond Beauty Basics

by Rachel Hayes via

Sam Brocato, owner of NYC's Sam Broacto Salon.jpgThe key to creating any gorgeous hairstyle is to start with healthy, shiny hair. Guest editor and NYC salon owner Sam Brocato shares his best beauty tips on how to score healthy hair even after months of winter abuse. Sam and his team have worked with countless celebrities including Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and Claire Danes.

Claire_Danes+July_29_2009.jpgPhoto: © Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Step 1: Lather Up Gently
Basic winter hair care starts with a gentle shampoo that won’t strip hair of moisture. Try to shampoo less than 3 times a week and use a dry shampoo in between washings. If you simply can’t part with a favorite shampoo or daily wash, blend two parts shampoo with one part conditioner for added moisture. If you’re ready for something new, try a conditioning treatment that has a mild foaming agent like my Brocato Constructor.

Step 2: Sleep On It
Put the beauty back into beauty sleep by using an overnight hair treatment. Place a hair mask from the mid shaft of wet or dry hair down to protect against moisture loss during the night. Repeat this process as often as like since there is no such thing as over-conditioning hair.

Step 3: Give Your Scalp Some TLC
Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp gets drier in the winter. If it seems tight and flaky, treat it to a massage. Knead your head for two minutes every evening to boost healthy blood circulation and slough off dead skin cells.

Step 4: Feed Your Hair
You are what you eat. Consuming foods rich in essential fatty acids can do wonders for making your hair look shiny and thick. I suggest adding more avocados, walnuts, and almonds to your daily diet during the winter. Here’s a great avocado hair mask recipe–it’s so natural, you can even drink it! In a blender, combine one very ripe avocado with one tablespoon each of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar. Blend until the texture is creamy, then massage onto damp hair and put on a shower cap. Step into a hot shower to steam your hair for ten minutes before rinsing. The apple cider vinegar really adds to hair shine!
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2010 Curve Expo: Home of Hotness

by Vicky Minchala

Last week BBB attended NYC’s Curve Expo at the Jacob Javits Center and I’ve got to say this year the goodies were simply spectacular. With over 250+ brands attending, the Curve Expo is the place to check out the latest global trends in the lingerie, swimwear and men’s underwear collections for the both the big brands and the greenhorn up-n-comers.

Below are my picks for the finest and wackiest lingerie products at the show. Why listen to this gal? Well here’s something you might not know about me, I’m obsessed with lingerie. I own a ton and it ranges from low priced Fredricks, to medium priced Betsey Johnson, to high priced Agent Provocateur ($500 for a kimono?? I shouldn’t…I should…I shouldn’t…I WILL). I’m also a member of the NY Pin-up Club where hot lingerie is the name of the game. If you think my picks are lame? Just tell me, I promise my feelings won’t get hurt.

Amazing Accessories

SoakCelebration Soak Wash: Soak is a Canadian company focused on modern wash care for fine fabrics in several heavenly fragrances (my personal favorite is “Celebration”). This deliciously scented, rinse-free soak is not only great for your undies, its great for your sweaters, sports bras, and swimwear too! I just love multi-purpose products. You can find Soak at luxury lingerie boutiques AND specialty knitting/fabric stores as well. Check their website for a location near you and go get some; I know you’ll love it.

BootyParlorMassageOilBooty Parlor’s Don’t Stop Massage Oil: Booty Parlors got a ton of fun “gadgets” for the bedroom but this one is my favorite. I’ve used a lot of massage oil in my day (mostly due to 2 bum ankles and a bad right shoulder) and I just fell in love with the scent which is a delightful blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar. Perfect! Finally, a massage oil that doesn’t either smell like a 12 yr old girl or a 50 yr old man (why is there rarely an in between massage oil world? Why?) Besides the scent, the texture is great too. It’s silky without being greasy and isn’t sticky at all. You can get Booty Parlor products at most high-end lingerie or toy boutiques. Check their website for a location near you.

The Panty Prize

MontelleCheekyThe Montelle Cheeky: Here’s another Canadian import I fell in love with. Montelle Intimates Lace Cheeky boy shorts are just about the most comfortable lacey boy shorts ever.  They’re a nylon-spandex combo that creates a very flattering look on just about any gal and the shorts come in 8 different lady-like colors (from Bridal Rose to Iris Blue). This brand is just starting to take-off in the US so you won’t find them in any department store. Check their website to see where the closest carrying boutique near you might be – I know, I’m going to have to travel to get myself another pair but they’re worth it to this gal.

Whats in a Name?

SheBlushesNursingBrahotMilk’s She Blushes Nursing Bra: I’m not sure how I want to label this product. I love the concept behind it, I know I’ll be purchasing it when the time comes, but something in the name throws me a curve ball. hotMilk is a company devoted to making pregnancy specific lingerie and I absolutely love it. I think many women get caught up in the whole “gaining weight” thing when they’re preggers and start to forget just how beautiful and sexy they are. I’m glad there’s a company trying to counteract that concept/mentality. Its’ just…the name makes me feel like I’m in a bad Japanese porno. I don’t know, am I alone on this? Regardless of their ‘interesting’ name, I know I’m going to be purchasing these super cute nursing bras when I need them. I don’t think these items are sold in stores yet (if you find them in a store near you, let me know) but you can buy them online at Linda the Bra Lady andMilk Smart Mama.

Oh Wacky Brazil…

gps-lingerieLindelucy Lingerie with GPS: First I want to say, I LOVE some of Lindelucy’s lingerie collections. The use of rhinestones and feathers in the all black “Fashion Club” line is terrific and of course, being based in Brazil, their bikinis are super hot. However, it’s their use of a GPS tracking device in their babydolls and camisoles that kinda throws me for a loop. Maybe it’s because I live in a small apartment, but I don’t see the sexy fun in wearing a tracking device. Plus, the GPS is a little bulky.  It’s not heavy really but its 2 inches long and can easily be seen through the sheer lingerie lining. Am I alone on thinking this is unnecessary? Apparently I am since this is their #1 seller.

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Join Beyond Beauty Basics Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Stiles at The Makeup Show In Los Angeles

by Victoria Stiles

Victoria StilesJoin Beyond Beauty Basics Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Stiles at The Makeup Show In Los Angeles

Attention Makeup Artists, this weekend February 28 – March 1, 2010 is the must-attend fabulous event:  The Makeup Show in Los Angeles, California.  Get to know the top brands in the industry and learn from the leaders in the business of makeup!

Exibitor List:

Presenter List:

  • Andre Sarmiento
  • Artemis Theocharis
  • Brenda Lavoie
  • Brian Esper
  • Christina Farrell
  • Crystal Wright
  • Danessa Myricks
  • David Klasfeld
  • Eve Pearl
  • James Vincent
  • Jenai Chin
  • Joanna Schlip
  • John Blake
  • John Rizzo
  • Jon Hennessey
  • Kathy Aragon
  • Kevin James Bennett
  • Lori Taylor
  • Lymari Millot
  • Margaret Kimura
  • Mary Erickson
  • Michael DeVellis
  • Myles O’Reilly
  • Orlando Santiago
  • Pashur
  • Philip Luque
  • Sheila McKenna
  • Susan Cabral Ebert
  • Val Hernandez
  • Victoria Stiles
  • Yvonne Hawker

Please join me, Victoria Stiles, for the following seminars at The Makeup Show:

3:00 – 3:45 – Back to the Future: Using Innovative Products to Create Classic Looks – Victoria Stiles for Face Atelier

4:14 – 5:00 – Strengthening Your Online Presence Victoria Stiles for The Powder Group

Check out this YouTube video for more information on my seminars!  Hope to see you there!

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Nude Nails: Spring ’10 Trend

by Jennifer Long-Levy

I am a huge fan of dark nails but I have been seeing a ton of nude colors for Spring 2010 – and I have to admit – I love it! Forget your powder pink French manicures. Colors that are similar to your skin tone or close (a little lighter, a little darker) make your fingers essie-allureappear longer.  This has a lengthening effect on your entire arm – kind of like how a slightly pointed pump or flat makes your legs look longer, or how wearing one solid color on bottom makes you appear slimmer.

For fairer gals, one of my favorites is Allure by Essie. It’s not a super pink nude color but rather a very beautiful neutral with a seductive very sheer natural finish.

Essie nail colors run about $8.00 and you can find them at salons, beauty supply stores, and most drugstores.

bronzegoddessIf your skin tone is a little darker, you might want to lean toward a more caramel shade.  One of my faves in this family is Suede by Lancome.  I also love Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.  The name really says it all, doesn’t it?  I really like Estee Lauder nail lacquer because it lasts a long time before chipping.  $18.00 at department stores and online.

youdontknowjacquesFor brown skin, I love OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.  It goes on much deeper than it appears in the bottle (you know – like when house paint dries).  It’s a gorgeous, shiny, deep brown.   Remember – it doesn’t have to be an exact match.  Go for a shade that is close to your skin tone.  Taupes are also in this year, so ladies of any color can wear any one of these shades.  OPI nail color, You Don’t Know Jacques is available at drugstores and nail salons.

MAC_warm-and-cozy-nailI also adore MAC’s Warm & Cozy collection’s nail colors.  Blissed Out and Dim the Lights are also great for multiple skin tons and are just beautiful.  MAC’s Nail Lacquer goes on SUPER shiny and lasts a long, long time.  $12 online, at MAC store locations, and in department stores.

We will probably see a mix of nude, taupe, and dark nails on fashionistas this season.  Dark nails are so dramatic but for Spring I will be rockin’ the nudes and taupes.  An added benefit?  Unlike dark nails, it’s hard to tell when you’ve chipped a neutral color.  This will keep you looking (pardon the pun) – polished – for much longer.

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